Court of Appeals

The Student Senate Court of Appeals serves as the Judicial Branch of the Student Senate. The Court is the primary arbiter of all disputes arising under the application of Student Senate Rules and Regulations. Justices are expected to be neutral members of Student Senate as well as consistent interpreters of procedures.

Student Senate Court of Appeals Application 2020 (.docx)

Court of Appeals Opinions

In re Grant Daily - Opinion (2020, .docx)

In re Grant Daily (2020, .docx)

Womack/Maginness/Ehrlich/Green vs. EC (2017, .zip)

Redo Your U vs. Elections Commission (2017, .zip)

Womack/Maginness vs. Elections Commission (2017, .zip)

Baker vs. Castilleja, Maginness, & Naylor (2017, .zip)