Get Involved


Open Positions

The most common way students get involved in Student Senate is by running with coalitions during Spring elections each year. In these elections, University of Kansas students vote for their preferred student government candidates for the next academic year.

Standing Committees

The committees - Finance, Social Justice, and Student Rights and Affairs - are open to all University of Kansas students. Voting rights are guaranteed at the first meeting of the semester, or if a student attends two consecutive meetings. To join a committee, just attend one of their meetings! Also, make sure to join our Microsoft Teams page, as it is where Student Senate Documents are posted.


  • Hear and discuss financial bills and pass legislation to allocate student fees.
  • Committee ChairCamden Baxter
  • Reviews and amends the Code of Student rights and responsibilities.
  • Committee Chair: Abdullah Al-Ahwad
  • Carry out concerns of marginalized students and organizations.
  • Committee Chair: Josepha Kamseu

Open Senator Seats

Open Senator Seats will be updated soon!

There are also a number of seats vacant for student organizations. If you are in these organizations and interested, please reach out to your respective president for more information

  • Multicultural Greek Council
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Asian American Student Association
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Graduate Student Advisory Board
  • KU TBE

The Student Senate Court of Appeals serves as the Judicial Branch of the Student Senate. The Court is the primary arbiter of all disputes arising under the application of Student Senate Rules and Regulations. Justices are expected to be neutral members of Student Senate as well as consistent interpreters of procedures.