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Student Senate

Student Senate is the primary advocate for students on campus with 110 senators and 11 executive staff members work together to allocate about $22 million in student fees in ways that best serve students. It also represents the KU student voice within University, State, and National Governance, working to address and develop policy in students' best interests.

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Location: Student Union

Finance: Alderson Auditorium

Rights and Affairs: English Room

DEI: OMA Classroom

Full Senate: Alderson Auditorium

Currently, all Full Senate meetings and most committee meetings are being held In-person or join the Student Senate Team on Microsoft Teams

To view pre-recorded meetings, please visit our Student Senate Youtube Channel.

Cycle #Dates and Times
Cycle 8
Councils: January 19
Students Assembly: January 26
Submit legislation by January 17
Cycle 9
Councils: February 2
Students Assembly: February 9
Submit legislation by January 28
Cycle 10
Councils: February 16
Students Assembly: February 23
Submit legislation by February 11
Cycle 11
Councils: March 2
Students Assembly: March 9
Submit legislation by February 25
Cycle 12
Councils: March 23
Students Assembly: March 30
Submit legislation by March 18
Special Sessions approved by studex on 3/21/2022

Student Assembly: April 13th @ 6:30pm

Joint Senate is held between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration
Joint Senate: May 4th @ 6pm
Councils: May 4th @ 7pm
No legislation will be seen.