The Student Senate Elections Commission is established as a non-partisan body to ensure a fair election process. The commission sets all deadlines and polling dates, develops voting methods for students, coordinates debates, and oversees any campaign violations and investigations. Members are selected before the election season.

KU Student Senate Spring Elections Guide (Log in Required)

All forms pertaining to elections are now digital and can be found and submitte…

Spring Elections

Update from 01/24/2022

  • Financial Limits for candidates set by the Elections Commissions:

    • President/VP Candidates: $1000 per joint ticket
    • Senators: $25 per student

Update from 12/2/2021:

Student Senate Constitution. This can be found under Title Six, Article III, Section 2:

 Section 2. Student Senate Spring Elections Schedule. The Student Senate General Election in the Spring shall be held throughout the third week of April. Elections shall run from 6:00am on Monday to 4:00pm on Thursday. 

  • The start of the Election Schedule is February 1.
  • Candidates may begin filing their Declaration of Candidacy during the first week of February.
  • The Filing deadline for submitting a Declaration of Candidacy Form is 5:00p.m. on the Monday of the third week of March.
  • Election campaigning can occur from February 1 until the end of the election schedule. Election campaigning includes any activity that supports or opposes the election of one or more registered candidates.
  • The end date of the Election Schedule is when the official election results are certified and delivered.
  • The Election Schedule must be publicly available within the first week of the spring semester. 


All violations are now digital and must be submitted via Rock Chalk Central.

Freshman Elections

Freshman Jayhawks,

Welcome to KU! You are beginning to embark on an incredible journey that will take you from orientation to commencement's walk through the Campanile.  The memories you make on this hill will last a lifetime, and the best way to create memories is to get involved! There are so many ways to be involved at KU, and we here at Student Senate want you to join us in our chambers this fall. Student Senate is the student voice that leads to tangible, meaningful change on our campus. 

Freshman elections occur each academic year in the fall, electing 5 senators to represent incoming students.  Regardless of whether or not you run during the fall, you can always get involved in Student Senate! Click on the Committees tab to learn how you can get involved with one of our four standing committees, where every KU student has voting rights! 

Rock Chalk!

For any questions, please see the FAQ. Further comments or inquiries should be sent to the Elections Commission at elections@ku.edu


  • You must file a declaration of candidacy 
  • Gathering of signatures is not necessary for candidates

Gathering of signatures is not necessary for candidates


You may file complaints against the Elections Commission with the Student Senate Chief Justice of Appeals and the Student Senate Chief of Staff. We are not an infallible committee and answer to the Senate regulations and rules as any other affiliated body does.

No. You must be a member of the division that the position represents, i.e. you cannot be an Engineering representative if you are not a member of the Engineering school.

Please see above

There is no definitive timeline. Elections Commission will determine if the election has been certified, and results will be shared once this process if complete. You may request a recount or contest the results 24 hours after the public release of these results.       

“Any paraphernalia or property with the primary purpose of promoting or opposing the election of any candidate or group of candidates to any Student Senate office.” 

Please refer to the New Student Senate Constitution


Coalitions may chalk 48 hours before a caucus or a meeting for the purpose of publicizing that meeting. You cannot chalk on stairs or on surfaces that may not be washed away by rain.

Yes, but you must notify the Elections Commission within 48 hours of any account.

No money can be spent

Student Senate Constitution

First, read through Student Senates Constitution. If you can't find your answer, email us! We are here to help you.