Template for Bills

With our Funding Template, you can start to write a bill for Student Senate. This template is currently set for a funding bill, but can be changed very easily to also be a bill to amend Student Senate Rules and Regulations or as a Resolution for Student Senate. For any piece of legislation, here is a general checklist of things to make sure you do:

  1. The date should be the day you submit the bill. If it passes, it will be changed to the date it passed.
  2. In the author line, name all individuals involved in writing the bill and their office. At least one of the authors must be a senator or a staff member for a bill to be considered before Senate.
  3. Title the bill (in all-caps) with what you want the bill to do. Examples include “A BILL TO FUND CLUB ABC” or “A BILL TO AMEND STUDENT SENATE RULES AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE 2: ADD NEW MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS”
  4. In the WHEREAS clauses, describe individual reasons why this bill should pass. End the WHEREAS clauses with “, and” so that it runs as one long sentence until the last WHEREAS clause.
  5. For the THEREFORE clause, state the official actions you want the bill to achieve. In a funding bills, say the total amount of money that you want allocated and where it is going.
  6. Under the THEREFORE clause, detail the actions it makes. Amendments to Student Senate Rules and Regulations must be clearly stated, with omissions crossed out and additions bolded. Funding bills must divide the total amount into the different expenses for the bill.
  7. Bills must be turned into Zach Thomason, Chief of Staff, in the Student Senate office by the Friday before the next legislative cycle. He will assign the official number to the bill.

You can view a template of a General Funding Bill (.docx)

You can view a template of an Event Funding Bill (.docx)


You can find more information about the bill writing process and the organizational outline of Student Senate (.docx)