What does GSAB do?

The mission of GSAB is fourfold: to serve graduate and professional students at the University of Kansas by addressing their needs and concerns to administrative and government agents; to promote graduate and professional students status and achievements (e.g. research, teaching, and service) to the administration, community, and Board of Regents; to develop productive working relationships with all departmental, administrative, and governance bodies at the University of Kansas; and to provide opportunities that facilitate graduate and professional students’ academic and professional development.

GSAB Membership

Hollie Hall, Chair

Ifeloju Ijasini Olusanya, Architecture

Ryan Clark, Business

Jim Grabowski, Business

Sandra Jacobo, CLAS

Cheisa Myles, CLAS

Ahmad Mustafa, CLAS

Majed Sofiani, CLAS

Kirby Boehm, Education

Margaret Mnayer, Education

VACANT, Education

Kalin Baca, Engineering

Fernanda Silva, Journalism

Brett Hallagan, Law

Peter Weinert, Music

Derek Mull, Pharmacy

Omowunmi Olaleye, Social Welfare

VACANT, Student Senate

Gordon Ariho, Student Senate

VACANT, Student Senate