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Guidelines for Funding

Student Senate funds each of its allocations out of the Student Senate Activity Fee, a required campus fee that each student must pay each semester. Since KU is a public institution, all allocations must follow state laws regarding proper usage of fees. Here is a general breakdown of how funds can be used for student organizations during the Line-Item and Unallocated funding processes:

  • Student Senate can only fund student groups that are registered through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
  • Student Senate funding can only go to groups and events that are opened to ALL students at KU.
  • Groups seeking funding cannot have academic requirements (enrollment in a school, GPA requirement, or more)
  • Groups seeking funding cannot have fees that keep people from participating in the organization.
  • Events must have an educational or multicultural value in order to receive funding.
  • Senate funding cannot fund: Food, T-Shirts, Travel Expenses for students, Reimbursements for items, Donations to 3rd Parties, Items worth $50 or more that cannot be kept in a locked location.

If you are requesting funding for any outside vendor (a speaker, performer, etc.), you will need to submit a completed Contractual Services Form and W9 for your request to be heard.
For student organizations who have already been allocated funds, whether through the line-item process or during the school year, a purchase order form must be submitted before any funds can be used. This includes all expenditures, including office supplies, honoraria, equipment, advertising, etc.

For a purchase request at Jayhawk Ink, use this form

All other requests should be submitted on this form.

For purchases of general office supplies, a member of your organization will need to come to the Student Senate office, Kansas Union Room 410, to complete the proper forms due to University contractual requirements.

Please include the Student Senate logo in any printed materials funded by Student Senate

If your requested funding follows all of these guidelines, you can proceed with the first steps of the funding request.

Contact our Chief of Staff, at for assistance with writing legislation for a funding request.

Contact our Treasurer or our Associate Treasurer with questions about the funding process and regulations.

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