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Student Senate Treasurers and Finance Officers

Syed Hammad Hussain

Student Senate Treasurer


Sadie Williams

Finance & Fee Chair

Thanh Tan Nguyen

DEI Fund Board Chair

Sabine Jones

Staff Assistant

Turner Seals

SEAB Fund Chair

Julia Stopperan

Finance Committee Vice Chair




The Student Senate, along with advocating for KU students, also oversees KU’s Required Campus Fees. Annually, the Student Senate Fee Review Committee reviews the various student services that the Required Campus Fees go towards. Final allocations are decided in the Spring, sent to the Student Senate Finance Committee and Full Senate for a vote, and sent to the Chancellor upon their passing. You can find the most recent Required Campus Fees here.

One of the Required Campus Fees, the Student Senate Activity Fee ($17.60 for each semester), is directly allocated by the Student Senate body. All funding requests must go through the Finance Committee and, if it passes the committee, through Full Senate. There are four different types of allocations for this fund (in order of their allocation every year):

Block Allocations

Block allocations are made to some of the largest institutions on campus. Organizations like the KU Band, University Dance Company, Hilltop Development Center and more receive this funding in one “block” of funding at the beginning of every year. Block allocations are passed through the Finance Committee and Full Senate every two years.

Line-Item Funding (DEI Line-Item coming Spring 2022!)

Line-item funding allows student groups to make funding requests a year ahead of when they will need their funding. Student Senate highly recommends this option for student groups that have a consistent number of events each year that they can plan funding for. Line-item requests are taken in the Spring, and funding allocated in the Line-item process is available on the first day of the fiscal year, July 1.

Funding Bills from the Unallocated Account

Groups that would like funding but did not go through the Line-item process can have a senator write a funding bill for them. Bills must be written and submitted by a senator. The bills are then review in the Finance Committee and another committee. If the bill passes both, it will go on to the Full Senate. Upon passing the Full Senate, it is lastly given to the Student Body President for approval or a veto.

Funding Bills from the Reserved Account

The Student Senate Reserved Account acts as the savings account where unspent money from line-item allocations and the unallocated account go. Reserved Account funding is kept aside for large, lasting projects that will benefit a majority of students at KU.

For any questions about Student Senate Funding, please contact our Student Senate Treasurer or our Associate Treasurer

2023 Fee Review

Each year, Student Senate meets to discuss any necessary re-allocation of student fees. Click here for the 2022 breakdown of the student fee.

*These changes are still tentative and are subject to change 



    Detailed Fee Breakdown: 



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