2019-2020 Platforms

Student Org Parking

KU has all kinds of student organizations on campus and many times have meetings outside of normal business hours, causing students to drive to the Memorial Union. We want to give student organizations who host their meetings at the Memorial Union free parking in the Mississippi Street Parking Garage through pre-registering their license plates with KU Parking & Transit’s system. This would improve safety as students won’t have to walk far distances at night and increase participation as students will have better access to parking, which is a big factor in going to events, and save money for students. This would begin as a pilot program with certain groups to test the success, then hopefully expand to more student organizations.

eCAPS Digital Therapy

CAPS is one of the most beneficial, but overworked services we have on campus. As more students are seeking mental health services, this means that CAPS has become more overwhelmed and unable to provide timely service for students. Also, CAPS’ limited hours are a problem for students as well. We want to bring digital therapy to campus to give students better accessibility to mental health services and also ease the burden off of CAPS workers. Online therapy is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Therapists and online therapy networks use a variety of mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging.

Athletics Travel Fund

KU already does an amazing job at giving our students access to national sporting events like the Final Four. Unfortunately, this opportunity only includes tickets and students are personally responsible for travel costs. We want to provide students with a way to travel to this big games in order to support fellow Jayhawks. A partnership with SUA and Kansas Athletics, Inc. is the main goal in order to have this fully supported and operational.

VeoRide Scooters

We want to expand our VeoRide partnership that brought bikes to campus and bring electric scooters to campus. Safety and legality is our main concern going forward with this; therefore a strong line of communication between KUPSO, Parking & Transit, the city of Lawrence, and the VeoRide Midwest Director will be maintained.

Increased GTA Safety Training

Graduate students make up nearly 25% of enrollment at KU. In addition to handling their difficult course load as students, they add a tremendous amount of value to our campus through their research, assistant teaching, mentorship efforts, and countless other crucial undergoings. Unfortunately, the training and resources that graduate students are afforded is currently insufficient. In particular, Graduate Teaching Assistants receive minimal sexual harassment and mental health training, leaving them ill-equipped to deal with personal crises or respond to emergency student needs. By working with SAPEC, CAPS, and GTAC, we hope to work to develop a holistic training to ensure that GTAs are fully equipped to deal with any situation they may encounter at KU.

Rec Expansion

KU has the smallest recreational facility in the Big XII by more than 50%, causing an issue for students that want to stay active on campus. We want to bring one of the final two phases to Ambler Recreation Fitness Center. Since students are the ones who would bear the cost of the expansion, we want them to vote in what renovations are top priority.

Wellness to Go Machines

The Wellness to Go Initiative seeks to increase the accessibility of sexual health products such as condoms and pregnancy tests as well as pain/allergy medication and expanding on free menstrual products to Lawrence campus students. These items are essential to the overall health of students. The location and limited hours of Watkins Health Center as well as the anxiety of asking for such products make it difficult for students to have adequate access to these products and items. This proposal seeks to alleviate this burden. We will perform a pilot program, adding the products mentioned above in existing vending machines throughout residence halls. This initiative will improve the overall quality of life and health for KU students.

Women in STEMM Program

We recognize that there is currently an underrepresentation of women in STEMM fields, both across the country and here at KU. Particularly in the Engineering School, well above two-thirds of the enrolled students identify as male. We see this as a major problem for female identifying students who wish to pursue STEMM at KU while also looking to connect with other like-minded and empowered women. We hope to establish a day-long forum next spring where we bring in women from across the state of Kansas to tour our science buildings, while also hearing from female professors and lecturers in STEMM majors at KU and successful women in STEMM careers from around the state. This will motivate these women to not only attend KU but also pursue careers where women have been traditionally underrepresented.