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What do I do to become a candidate?

  • You must file a declaration of candidacy (see forms)
  • Collect signatures
    • 25 for senatorial candidate
    • 500 for a VP/President candidate
    • Contact the Elections Commission for alternative methods for non-traditional, international, and graduate student positions.

Where can I get signatures from?

You may collect signatures from any eligible voters. You cannot collect signatures in classrooms or academic buildings.

Can I campaign before filing?


Does voting in a caucus prevent me from joining another coalition?

No. You may elect to switch affiliations in order to vote in another caucus but you must ask the Elections Commission for permission.

Can I petition the elections commission if I don't agree with them?

You may file complaints against the Elections Commission with the Student Senate Chief Justice of Appeals and the Student Senate Chief of Staff. We are not an infallible committee and answer to the Senate regulations and rules as any other affiliated body does.

Can I run for any senatorial position?

No. You must be a member of the division that the position represents, i.e. you cannot be an Engineering representative if you are not a member of the Engineering school.

When will voting take place?

Polls will remain open from 6:00 AM on April 12 to 4:00 PM on April 13. Stations will be set up on Wescoe Beach from 9 AM to 4 PM each day, as well as in front of Mrs. E’s Dining Facility from 11 AM to 4 PM. You may also use your personal computer to vote with a provided link.

When will the results be tallied?

Ballots will be released for inspection on April 18. You may request a recount or contest the results 24 hours after the public release of these results.       

What are campaign materials?

“Any paraphernalia or property with the primary purpose of promoting or opposing the election of any candidate or group of candidates to any Student Senate office.” You may start distributing materials on March 6, but no earlier.

Where can I distribute materials?

You cannot put materials in dorms, but may submit posters and flyers to housing for public display. You cannot use material that may damage property—you must be able to remove materials with no evidence. You must remove all materials by 5:00 PM on April 17.

Can I visit clubs to promote my coalition?

Beginning on March 6, you may visit organizations to promote your coalition.

Where can I chalk?

Chalking for your campaign may begin on March 20. Coalitions may chalk 48 hours before a caucus or a meeting for the purpose of publicizing that meeting. You cannot chalk on stairs or on surfaces that may not be washed away by rain.

Can I create my own websites and social media?

            Yes, but you must notify the Elections Commission within 48 hours of any account.

What forms do I need to submit after filing?

Every Monday by 5:00 PM, coalitions and independent candidates must submit financial reports to the Senate office or directly to the Elections Commission.

How much can I spend?

Coalitions may spend up to $1000 while independent coalitions may spend up to $200. This includes spending by all candidates within a coalition.

Where can I find the rules?

            Article VII of the Student Senate Rules and Regulations, found here.

I don’t see my question here, help!

             First, read through Article VII in the Student Senate Rules and Regulations above; If you can't find your answer, email us. We are here to help you.

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